Lindsey was born on February 10, 1983 to the proud parents of Leon and Theresa Apostolo. She was the older sister to one brother, Collin Apostolo and the mother of her precious puppy Jewels. She was very close to her family and had dedicated and loving friends. Lindsey grow up in the Cy-Fair area in Houston, TX were she went to school at Labay Jr. High and Langham Creek High School. After graduating Lindsey attended the Texas State University in San Marcus, TX

    After graduation in 2004, Lindsey had a career in fashion before becoming an elementary school teacher in Houston Independent School District. Lindsey was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (“the beast” as she called it) in 2010. Her family, friends and students cherished her and gave her strength during her cancer journey. During Lindsey’s journey she wanted to help other women fighting this type of cancer by supporting each other locally in the Houston area.

    After being diagnosed with cancer Lindsey and Kandice connected to start Pretty Girls with Cancer ™ after complaining about services they were not receiving and wanting to help cancer patients. Pretty Girls with Cancer was launch on October 11, 2011, six months after Lindsey passed away from cancer. Lindsey was 29 years-old when she passed away and she was full of life and had great ideas for Pretty Girls with Cancer ™. Lindsey was very involved with helping cancer patients, speaking about cancer awareness before she passed away.

    We all miss her beautiful smile and loving spirit. Lindsey’s motto was “Faith Create Miracles.” Pretty Girls with Cancer ™ has adopted that motto and help cancer patients and survivors know that faith can and will create miracles. The image below is an example of our Pretty Girls with Cancer ™ greeting cards based on Lindsey’s motto that believe will get you through any tough moment in your life!