Caregiver…how you can help out!

Mate: Show some love by hugs, kisses and going on date when your mate feels good. Let them know that you’re fighting with them by checking up on them. Be very honest with each other regarding the diagnoses and talk about new responsibilities the family might change.

Friend: Your friend needs help even if they do not say it. Help out by bringing food, wash dishes or asking the family what they need. Have fun like you use to with them by adding humor and a little gossip… it always help!

Child: Having a child with cancer is stressful but avoid bugging out in front of them. Make sure you give them plenty of hugs and kisses especially when getting shots and testing. Be honest with them if not they will figure it out from someone else or get the wrong information. If it’s a young child, let them know what’s going on with their little body and how treatment will work. If they’re a teenager try to treat them normal as possible and give them a voice in their treatment.

Sibling: No Fighting! Make sure your show your sibling love and support by a card, hug and allowing them to talk about their diagnoses. Just because your sibling is acting “normal” take some of their load off… clean their room, make them a snack or wash their clothes. If they are older go to the doctors with them, be honest, trustworthy and encourage their friends to come and visit.